The Wheel of Life

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The Wheel of Life

Documentary film The Wheel of Life is a story about hope, faith, motivation, determination and undoubted champion, world's greatest extreme cyclist Jure Robic. Year 2009, his seveth attempt at the most demanding cycling experience in the world, the 4.800 kilometers long Race Across America (RAAM), did not finish as it was planned. Jure was out of the race 90 kilometers before the finish line.

Jure personificates hope, faith, motivation and determination, to overcome himself and win. He won Race Across America for four times already, and he definitely will not stop doing that.

The core of documentary is to explore Jure's inner side, to compare real life with the life on the bike and to answer a question Why extremists do tackle these kind of adventures. We want to present the motivation for the hardest cycling race in the world. We want to visualize Jure's deepth of the soul, his traumas, outmost efforts, and psychological issues. We want to find a reason which motivates the extremists for never giving up. They are strong all the time. Jure is cycling 23 hours a day, 9 days in a row, and because of sleep deprivation he is halucinating. But Jure inspite of that does not give up. Here his inner power pushes him ahead to the goal.

With the documentary we want to show Jure's fight with himself, when he's putting his life on the edge. He fights till the end, nothing stops him. He risks his life to achieve the goal. With his team, he is defeating something that is, for the ordinary human being, impossible.

Documentary will give an insipration to people for never giving up. We have to fight for our goals and our existence. Hope, faith, motivation and determination are factors which especially in these times a man needs when confronting problems of present social and economic state of the society. We mustn't give up. A goal can be achieved.

A man, father, athlete, and most of all proud Slovenian, citizen of a small country with a huge heart and will, is able to achieve something that just rare can. He won US, the world and himself. Inspiration to us, inspiration to mankind.


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