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    ...R22 / R404a Refrigerant Industrial Ice Maker Machine , Air Cooled Ice Make Plate Ice Machine Condition: New Capacity: ... more
    Brand Name:CBFI
    Model Number:HYF
    Place of Origin:China

    R22 / R404a Refrigerant Industrial Ice Maker Machine , Air Cooled Ice Maker

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    ...We provide refrigeration system based on freon, including R404a, R507, R407C, R22. Because of a huge demand difference between seasons for refrigerating capacity, the unit ... more
    Brand Name:Ourfuture
    Model Number:OBBL6-840L
    Place of Origin:Jinan, China

    Fruit Precooling R404a Cold Room Compressor Unit Screw Type ISO

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    ...Freon Water Shell And Tube Condenser Manufacturer For Wholesale Work Condition: 1) Refrigerant side(In the shell): ... more
    Brand Name:WH
    Model Number:WHT-WN
    Place of Origin:China

    Shell And Tube Freon Water Heat Exchanger , Horizontal Water Cooled Condenser 

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    ...Specifications: 1. Refrigerant gas R404A substitute for R22 and R502 2. low&moderate temperature REFRIGERANT GAS R404 Physical properties Molecular formula Mmolecular weight 97.60 Boiling point 101.3KPa(°C) -46.60 ... more
    Brand Name:ECM
    Model Number:R404a
    Place of Origin:China

    10.9kg Refrigerant R404a Gas Freon For Hot Sale

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    ... Markets: South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, MID East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe Product:Mixed refrigerant R404A Property of chloride : Molecular Weight 97.6 Boiling Point, °C -46.5 Critical Temperature, °C 72.1 Critical Pressure, Mpa... more
    Brand Name:XL
    Model Number:r404
    Place of Origin:China

    10.9kg Refrigerant R404a Gas Freon

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    Zibo Bainaisi Chemical Co.,Ltd No.2277, Zhongxin Street, Huantai Coutry, Shandong Province, China Tel: 0086-533-8226773 Fax:0086-533-822677Web:www.bainaisi.com Refrigerant gasR404A Classification Alkene & Derivatives CAS No. 420-46-2 Packaging Details: ... more
    Brand Name:Dongyue
    Place of Origin:Shandong

    air conditioner compressor r404a gas

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    .../ R-142b/ R-123 / R-124 / R-113a/R-114 / R-500 / R502 /R503/R-227ea / R-125 / R-32 / R-23 / R-134a / R152a /236fa/R404a / R407c / R409a / R401a / R290 / R600a / R408a R406A / R410A / R415A /R415B / R418A/507C et, which all... more

    gas freon

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    ... 1. Description of refrigerant gas cylinder: Refrigerant gas cylinder is mainly used to substitute CFC12 as refrigerant in car conditioning and refrigerating and Refrigerating in refrigerator. Also known as Freon-134A. Under normal temperature... more
    Brand Name:XR
    Model Number:R404A Refrigerant Gas
    Place of Origin:China

    R404A Refrigerant Gas

    Xin Rong Machinery Co.,Ltd
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    ...Product Description Refrigerant R404A is used as refrigerant in household, industrial and commercial air-conditioning system. It can also ... more
    Brand Name:Genron
    Model Number:R404a refrigerant
    Place of Origin:Quzhou

    refrigerant gas r404a

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    ... of the industry gas.So it's have a good price and have high quality. Product/Services:camping gas, mapp gas,propane.refrigerant gas,gas freon ,torch such as R 600A, R134A,R22,R1270,R290,R401A,R402B,R404A, R406A, R407C... more
    Model Number:16oz
    Place of Origin:china
    Category:Gas Meters

    Mapp gas manufacturer

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    ... an environment friendly product, its ODP is 0. It is a new type of refrigerant gas mixed by R125, R134a and R143a. TECHNICAL INDEX Index/Value/Class High-class product First-... more
    Brand Name:snow power
    Model Number:R404a
    Place of Origin:china

    refrigerant gas R404

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    ... R134A R141B R412B R22 R290A R401A R402B R404A R406A R407C R410A R415B R417C R502 R507 R600A ECT ,besides we have welding tools for refrigeration.mapp gas and propane,map pro are our... more
    Brand Name:Easy-cool
    Model Number:r22 R134A R404A R406A R407C R410A R507 R600a
    Place of Origin:China

    Refrigerant r141B gas

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    ...High Purity R404A Freon Refrigerant Gas / Retrofited Refrigerant For R502 R404A Refrigerant Gas Highly Qualified Gas in For Cooling System Quick Detail: R404A is a blend of HFC refrigerants commonly used for medium and low temperature refrigeration ... more
    Brand Name:SNOW POWER,Neutral
    Model Number:R404A
    Place of Origin:Zhejiang,China

    High Purity R404A Freon Refrigerant Gas / Retrofited Refrigerant For R502

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    Product Identification: Mixed Refrigerant (R125+R143+R134a) R125+R143+R134ais a product of refrigerant mixed of 44% R125,52% R143 and 4% R134A Formula: CF3CHF2/CF3CH3/CH2FCF3 COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Components: Material CAS Number R125/R143... more
    Brand Name:neutral packing
    Place of Origin:China

    Refrigerant gas R404a

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    ...Classification:Alkyl & Derivatives CAS No.:354-33-6/420-46-2/811-97-2 Other Names:Mixed refrigerant r404a MF:C2HF5/C2H3F3/C2H2F4 EINECS No.:206-557-8/206-996-5 /212-377-0 Place of Origin... more
    Brand Name:Binger
    Model Number:R600a
    Place of Origin:China

    high purity refrigerant gas r404a

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    ... produce fire-extinguishing agent 1211; or production of fluoropolymer The basic raw material compounds. Refrigerant Gas R134a R134a as the refrigerant can be widely used in automobile air conditioners, refrigerators, central... more
    Brand Name:ECM
    Model Number:R407c Gas
    Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)

    High Purity 99.9% Refrigerant R407c Gas Replacement R22

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    ... as a blowing agent in rigid foam insulation and an important compontent of blends ,such as R404a,R407C,etc. property of chloride: Molecular weight:102.03 B.p.:-26.1 Liquid density,g/l@25:1.207 Vapor... more
    Model Number:R134
    Place of Origin:hangzhou
    Category:Plastic Blowing Machinery

    Refrigerant gas (freon)

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    ... Refrigerants UN No. 3337 R404a Refrigerant R22 And R502 Replacement​ Description: The r404a refrigerant , alias R404A, trade names have SUVA HP62, SUVA 404A, Genetron 404A and so on. Because r404a refrigerantHFC type belonging to... more
    Brand Name:Galaxy
    Model Number:R-404A
    Place of Origin:China Mainland

    N.T. 10.9KG Industrial HFC Refrigerants UN No. 3337 R404a Refrigerant R22 And R502 Replacement

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    ...Product Name: Refrigerant R404A(HFC125/HFC143/HFC134) Prodcut Class: REFRIGERANT GAS(FREON)- Property of chloride: Formula: CHF2CF3/CH3CF3/CF3CH2F Boiling Point, ℃: -46.1 Saturated vapor pressure(at25℃),Mpa ... more
    Place of Origin:China
    Sample Price:Depending on the customs tariff

    Refrigerant Gas Freon R404a

    Amoy Fredal Co.,Ltd
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    ... supply: 3P/380V/50HZ, 3P/220V/60HZ, or else CE approved quality Description: Use hot Freon gas to make ice fall off fast with the whole process takes only 150~180 seconds... more
    Brand Name:SNOWELL
    Model Number:ST2T-R4A
    Place of Origin:SHENZHEN CITY, CHINA

    R404A 2T/D Automatic Tube Ice Machine / Makers For Seafood , High Performance

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