Join reelisor – the European connection between documentary filmmakers!

reelisor, the online documentary platform of Documentary Campus e.V. is committed to powering relationships for all professional people in the documentary film industry. As a network for existing platforms and websites, reelisor offers guidance and information throughout the whole year, conveys expertise and contacts, offers insight into current productions and company profiles, links documentary filmmakers, commissioning editors, production companies, festivals, markets and other initiative active in the industry.

offers a platform to market yourself in a professional context
links documentary filmmakers from Europe and all over the world
conveys expertise and contacts
offers insight into current productions, company profiles etc.
summarises the content of the Documentary Campus sessions and other events
organises forums connected to industry events such as the Documentary Campus Sessions, enabling aftercare and a link-up of the participants visiting the events
offers interactivity
offers a way to manage and expand your network
Our Mission
The highest priority of reelisor is to create and secure a high level of quality with regard to the participants and the content of the website. As a nonprofit umbrella platform, reelisor does not wish to compete but create synergies with other websites from the documentary film business.