The Mystery of the Danube Script


Language/countryEnglishStatusin development / Length:52Training initiativeDocumentary Campus Masterschool / 2011
A german scientist discovered writings from the Stone Age, that may change our understanding of history.


From the wild and untouched region of the Balkans comes a remarkable story, that shatters our knowledge about the origins of civilization. According to latest scientific findings, the people from the so called Danube Civilization lived in cities, used copper tools and script thousands of years earlier than any other high culture in the world. But conservative historians reject the idea of an early civilization in Europe, that existed 8000 years ago. This documentary accompanies a brilliant scientist on his journey to the Danube Valley. Harald Haarmann wants to convince the Mesopotamian Scholars. If he discovers the oldest sentence ever written, he would have changed history!

The Einstein of linguistics

Harald Haarmann is the world leading specialist of ancient scripts and languages. He was appointed to professorships in Germany, Japan an the USA. He speaks nine languages, wrote over 50 books. A lot of them became standard works in the domain of languages. According to him, the Danube Script is the oldest writing in the world! With this theory, Harald Haarmann can change history. He is a highly recognised scientist who risks his reputation with this quest. Because now, he wants to prove his theory once for all.

History would have to be rewritten

This documentary is the story about a brilliant scientist, whose theory shatters everything we know about the history of humanity. But conservative historians refuse to accept his idea, that people in the Stone Age already used writing to communicate. They wait for the ultimate proof. We accompany Harald Haarmann on his quest for the evidence: the oldest sentence ever written! He is going to investigate the latest discoveries and also the most astonishing artifacts, covered in writing.

The Mystery of the Danube Script is also a journey through the wild and untouched nature of the Balkans, where the people of the Danube Civilization lived. From the steep and rocky Danube Valley, to the picturesque landscape of Transylvania, down to the golden shore of the Black Sea.

It began with Noah´s flood and ended with the invention of gold

Noah´s flood really happened. 9000 years ago, after the last Ice Age the sea level rose and flooded a fertile region, which today is called the Black Sea. The people of this region founded new settlements in the Danube Valley. Scientists call this society Danube Civilization. This people were the first in history who used copper tools, they lived in two-storied houses and sat on chairs, while the rest of the world was stuck in the middle of the Stone Age. And they invented writing. This culture lived 2000 years in peace as an equivalent society. But then, they discovered gold. This marks the end of the Danube Civilization. Warriors from the russian steppe extinguished this society 6000 years ago. The era of money and power began.


We will travel with Harald Haarmann to archeological sites on the Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia), where the most ancient writings of the world have been found. Signs and symbols on mysterious artifacts. He is going to investigate the latest discoveries and also the most astonishing findings. Step by step, he gives evidence. We are going to confront the Mesopotamians with his arguments.

Local archeologists of the Danube Region will introduce this civilization and their accomplishments to the audience. We are going to visit the oldest copper mines of the world, we will bake bread using ovens, that are 8000 years old. And we will rebuild their houses – a scientific project of the university of Belgrade.

The US-scientist Toby Griffen is going to decipher the oldest sentence ever written. We are going to show how it works, to decipher ancient scripts. One thing is already known about this sentence, its message: God is a Woman!