1. Funding

MEDIA is the EU support programme for the European audiovisual industry and facilitates exchanges between professionals. MEDIA co-finances training initiatives for audiovisual industry professionals, the development and distribution of European audiovisual works as well as markets and festivals.

Each year MEDIA selects and co-finances dozens of initiatives (thematic markets, co-production markets, databases, etc.) which facilitate exchanges between professionals and helps them to promote their projects and distribute their works throughout Europe and the world.

reelisor is included in these projects which are distinguished by the quality of their organisation, the diversity of works and professionals represented and the role they play in the circulation of European projects and works.

Web: ec.europa.eu/media

2. Cooperation Partners

European Documentary Network, EDN, is a member-based organisation for professionals working with documentary film and television. Over 1000 members from more than 60 countries have joined EDN. The organisation is open for both newcomers and established filmmakers.

EDN provides documentary consulting and informs about possibilities for funding, financing, development, co-production, distribution and collaboration across borders. This is done via individual consultancy to members on documentary projects, workshops, seminars and conferences as well as through the two indispensable publications DOX magazine and The EDN TV-Guide. EDN started in September 1996 as a documentary organisation for filmmakers, producers, production companies, distributors, associations, film institutions & boards, universities, festivals, broadcasters and film & television agencies.

Web: www.edn.dk


Initially conceived as a networking and programme sales event, Sunny Side of the Doc has rapidly established a reputation as an essential international co-production rendez-vous, as well as an ideal opportunity to explore the impact of new technologies on documentary content.

The 21th Sunny Side of the Doc (International Documentary Market) was held in La Rochelle between 22 and 25 June 2010. 300 buyers and international decision makers attended the event.

Web: www.sunnysideofthedoc.com


The Institute of Documentary Film is a non-profit training, promotion and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of the East European creative documentary film. The IDF programme is intended for filmmakers, independent producers and representatives of East and Central European televisions, as well as for festival selectors, journalists and the general public. IDF co-operates with the most prominent European associations and training programmes, commissioning editors and distributors, and enables East European authors to take part in the international cooperation. Among its main fields of activity are: EAST EUROPEAN FORUM, an annual pitching forum focused on East European filmmakers; EX ORIENTE FILM Workshop, a professional training programme for East European directors and producers; EAST SILVER documentary market specialized on the East European documentary films, consisting of the digitised video library, on-line catalogue, and the travelling part East Silver Caravan; www.DOCUinter.net – an interactive website that serves as an essential source of information about documentary film and the documentary market in Central and Eastern Europe among the film professionals, journalists and the wide public; EAST EUROPEAN STAND at Sunny Side of the Doc; DOCU TALENTS FROM THE EAST – presentation of the most remarkable creative documentary projects from Central and East Europe organized within the Karlovy Vary IFF industry programme; and others.

Web: www.dokweb.net


Sheffield Doc/Fest brings the international documentary family together to celebrate the art and business of documentary making for five intense days in November – in 2011 the festival is moving to June.

Doc/Fest is a film festival, industry session programme and market place, offering pitching opportunities, controversial discussion panels and in-depth filmmaker masterclasses, as well as a wealth of inspirational documentary films from across the globe.

Doc/Fest is the only place in the world where you will meet sectors of the whole of the British documentary industry under one roof. Each year, the industry conference attracts the leading names of British documentary makers and executives in British television. The delegate mix of over 1800 includes documentary and factual producers, directors, buyers, commissioners and distributors. It is the perfect place to launch your latest documentary, pitch new ideas, meet future co-production partners and get insider tips from some of the world’s best documentary makers. It is a relaxed and friendly place to hold meetings with producers, commissioners and distributors, learn about the latest trends in production and discover new innovations and emerging talent.

Web: www.sheffdocfest.com

3. Partners

Cineuropa was created in 2002 in order to provide up-to-date information and other services essential to know one another better to cinephiles from all over the world interested in knowing more about European films, as well as to film and television professionals.

Cineuropa is therefore a fantastic tool for whoever loves, produces, distributes, or makes films – or whoever wishes to learn how to make them – as well as for institutions that promote European culture and for those that make the rules.

Web: www.cineuropa.org


Doc Alliance Films is an initiative of five European key documentary film festivals (CPH:DOX Copenhagen, DOK Leipzig, IDFF Jihlava, Planete Doc Review Warsaw and VISIONS DU REEL Nyon) that feel the need to promote remarkable films to a general market that is less permeable to their circulation and commercialization and to approach various audiences in every conceivable manner, ranging from cinema, television, DVD to VOD, and other networks.

The main objective is to create an inventive and dynamic distribution platform for filmmakers and producers by offering attractive alternatives, debates, choices and perspectives.

The aim of the Doc Alliance initiative is to support the diversity of feature documentaries and to convince audiences of the fascinating, moving and instructive aspects of the cinéma du reel where reality surpasses fiction and becomes spectacular.

Web: www.docalliancefilms.com


A few years ago a number of Romanian documentary filmmakers managed to obtain, through a new law regarding cinema, a distinct support for this type of film from the funds provided by the National Center of Cinematography. Then they succeeded in convincing the management of the National Public Television to set up the position of commissioning editor, a position that didn’t exist before inside the institution. This was the beginning, the first step towards normality.

In the summer of 2007, Florin Iepan together with Alexandru Solomon, Adina Bradeanu and Calin Meda laid the foundation for the first professional organization of the Romanian documentary filmmakers, DOCUMENTOR. In a short time, we managed to organize one of the annual sessions of Documentary Campus in Timisoara. This year DOCUMENTOR arranged and promoted the first participation at Sunny Side Of The Doc in La Rochelle, France, where the best of the Romanian documentary community was present along with experts, professionals and decision makers from the National Public Television TVR and The National Center of Cinematography. Our aim is to open the Romanian market towards international coproductions of documentary films.

Today Romania has the financial means to support documentary filmmaking, there is an important and diverse television market which can and must co-finance this type of cinema and Romania has institutions that efficiently promote the Romanian film abroad. So, it is up to the Romanian authors to succeed in the very competitive environment of international coproductions and for DOCUMENTOR to help and represent the documentary filmmakers community from Romania either at home or abroad.


Documentary in Europe is a non profit member association established to promote documentary filmmaking and foster opportunities for young talents, filmmakers and independent producers. Since 1997 it organises the annual Italian pitching event called Documentary in Europe. Today it also manages the Super8misti project (an archive dedicated to the collection, digital transfer and promotion of private super8 family movies) and various seminars and training initiatives for documentary professionals.

The annual event, co-organised with EDN, gathers an average of 250 participants inviting 15 TV decision makers and financiers as well as producers and distributors to actively attend its sessions. These include a match-making session for filmmakers seeking producers, a pitching forum for producers seeking financial support and broadcaster involvement, a master class, various case studies on documentary productions and a video-on-demand section.

Documentary in Europe is supported by MEDIA and various local institutions and bank foundations. It partners with EDN, Fert and Doc/it (Italy), Documentor (Romania), Docedge (India), Documentary Campus and reelisor (Germany).

Web: www.docineurope.org


The International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film – DOK Leipzig – is the largest German and one of the leading international festivals for artistic documentary and animated films. It was founded in 1955 by the ‘club of film-makers of the German Democratic Republic’ (Club der Filmschaffenden der DDR) under the title “All-German Leipzig Week for Cultural and Documentary Film”, as the first independent film festival of the GDR. During the Cold War, the festival was a unique place of encounter and exchange for film-makers from East and West. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Leipzig Festival has developed into one of the most dynamic festivals for documentary and animated film, providing a high-quality programme and – since 2004 – additional industry offers. Artistic animated film has been an integral part of the festival for decades and is represented with its own, independent competition since 1995. This ‘twin-track character’ makes Leipzig unique in the festival landscape. Traditionally, the Leipzig Festival stands for films advocating peace and human dignity. In view of its varied and exciting history, it celebrates freedom of mind and speech, as well as pointedly illustrated images. High-quality art house cinema, superbly narrated stories, a critical eye, subtle observation, tracing back history and scrutinizing the “memory of images” shape the Leipzig Festival’s character and diversity.

Web: www.dok-leipzig.de


Dragon Forum is an annual documentary film workshop in the middle of Europe ending with a pitching, giving practical advice on development and production of a film for international audiences.

The aim of Dragon Forum is to help creators of auteur documentary films who are involved in producing honest documentary cinema discovering the true reality. We are working in the spirit of a particular documentary school determined by our permanent lecturers: Marcel Lozinski (Dragon Forum’s Head of Studies) and Jacek Blawut and their friends. This team of directors and educationalists has already educated numerous new European documentary filmmakers. The author and the producer of Dragon Forum is Dorota Roszkowska, Arkana Studio. Dragon Forum is supported by experts from EDN European Documentary Network, who ensure the reliable consultation from production to marketing of documentary film. Dragon Forum wants to bring together the aspirations of the creators and the expectations of the audiences along with meeting the requirements of the modern market. The participants together with the tutors search new paths for documentary filmmaking. The commissioning editors and producers from the best TV stations and film institutions participate in a pitching in Krakow and take time the extensive meetings with the filmmakers at the riverside of Vistula.

Dragon Forum is financed by: Media – the program of the European Commission, The Polish Filmmakers Association, International Visegard Fund, Central European Initiative, Polish Film Institute, The Krakow Film Foundation and Arkana Studio. The participants receive diplomas of completion of the Dragon Forum, and awards are foreseen for the best projects.

Web: www.dragonforum.pl


EURODOC is a strong, influent and united network which was designed to provide European documentary producers with a specific training structure. Producing quality creative documentaries requires increasingly more funding which is proving difficult to find at national levels whatever the size of the country. Things are moving fast, very fast. Constant training remains vital.

Since the creation of the programme 10 years ago, EURODOC’s objectives have remained the same: to improve the transnational circulation of documentary films and to strengthen the international development of small and medium-sized companies in the sector.

The EURODOC programme is supported by the MEDIA Plus Programme of the European Community, Cente National de la Cinématographie, Procirep and the partners welcoming every session.

Web: www.eurodoc-net.com


ONLINEFILM is the multilingual market place for European films on the internet.

It’s the only portal of its kind – owned by filmmakers – where films are offered directly to the viewers for a fair price as “download to own”.

Onlinefilm is the ultimate place for anyone offering – or looking for – films. It’s available from anywhere all times. Whether you want to sell or buy a film, only a computer, broadband access, some open source software and a Pay-Pal-account are required.

The aim of Onlinefilm is to make it possible for as many films from as many countries as possible to be offered to a wide international audience. Through cooperation with our European partners, regionalized, personalized and specialized sub portals have already been created in Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania, Letvia and Ireland.

Web: www.onlinefilm.org


STARTNEXT is a crowdfunding platform for creative people helping them to get their project (e.g. documentatary movie, book, music album, …) financed by the power of the community and their fans.

Startnext provides a perfect concept within the very special European environment of public subsidies and associations. Furthermore, features like no transaction fees, additional financing services and integrated donations will be a groundbreaking instrument for raising money for filmmakers and get it recommended by supporters online within the social media networks.

Web: http://www.startnext.de


SOURCES 2 is an advanced training programme offering script development workshops in Europe for professional screenwriters and teams of writers and co-writers, producers or directors working on a specific fiction film or creative documentary project with universal relevance and appeal. Between 1992 and 2008, the Dutch Foundation SOURCES realized 60 workshops in 18 European countries, supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Community and its partners, representing public and private organisations throughout Europe. Since 1996, SOURCES 2 has been operating from Amsterdam and Berlin. The SOURCES 2 network includes film professionals from 25 countries. SOURCES 2 offers more than training; its mentoring approach has helped to bring 80 European films to the screen and ca. 20 feature and creative documentary projects are in pre-/post-production.

Web: www.sources2.de


ZeLIG, founded in 1988, is a non-profit educational centre specialised in training in the documentary field. ZeLIG is funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano through the Council for Professional Training in Italian/German/Latin languages. Courses are held in three languages: Italian, German and English. The curriculum offers a three-year-course in documentary filmmaking. The ZeLIG diploma is officially recognized by the Republic of Italy and the European Union.

ZeLIG plans and organizes also international conferences and European projects, offers seminars for professionals and intensive orientation seminars for young people with different partners on documentary-related themes. ZeLIG offers also courses in the techniques of PV Participatory Video.

The school is a member of the European and International Association of Cinema Schools, GEECT and CILECT, the German documentary association ag dok, the Italian doc/it and EDN, the European Documentary Network.

ZeLIG also offers a course for professionals in the social documentary field, ESoDoc, a European training initiative funded by the Media programme.

Web: www.zeligfilm.it